What are buyers looking for in a new home?

If you are serious about selling your own home and looking for a new one then it is vital to know what buyers want. 


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A study carried out recently by Market Financial Solutions considered the factors most critical in the decision making process for UK house purchasers. Some of the results seem like common sense but confirmation of issues important to most buyers helps sellers make decisions based on real market information, and now could be the ideal time with the news of a rise in house sales, as reported by the BBC.

Size of property

This survey found property size is the single most important thing. Of those surveyed, 90% confirmed the size of property is either important or very important. Whilst this may not seem like something you can easily change, the way you present your home will be vital. Extensions are both money and time consuming but may be worth considering if there is a way to easily improve the space you already have. Simple touches can make your home feel roomier. For example, ensure rooms are painted with light colours so they don’t feel small. Try to remove all clutter and if possible clear anything not required day to day into storage whilst trying to sell.


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Whatever changes you make in terms of size or presentation ensure they are all done safely and to the right standard. Never attempt to hide issues as they will be picked up in any homebuyers report London or nationwide, such as https://www.samconveyancing.co.uk/homebuyers-survey/home-buyers-survey-London.

Other factors

Size was not the only important factor though. Buyers are also looking at how well finished the home is, how close it is to the nearest city or town, whether it has a garage or off road parking and the garden or other space outdoors.

It may feel you cannot do much to change these type of factors but think about the way you present the home. Ensure the garden or yard is well looked after and presented well. Remove clutter, make the most of any shed or outdoor storage and use flowers or shrub to make the space you have as attractive as possible.

Whatever your home’s strengths or weaknesses it is vital to market it to the appropriate buyers and maximise your chances of achieving a sale.

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